How to block an anonymous number in Huawei Mate 9 Pro

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asked Dec 9, 2017 by RichieRich (8,520 points)
How to block an anonymous number in Huawei Mate 9 Pro?

How to block an anonymous number in Huawei Mate 9 Pro?

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answered Dec 9, 2017 by RichieRich (8,520 points)

Receiving anonymous calls can be very annoying or even unpleasant. In this article we will show you how you can block them to avoid calls and messages from hidden, anonymous or unknown numbers.

Sometimes it is very difficult to block calls and messages from hidden or anonymous numbers, because the normal procedure to block them is to save the number and then block it. But do not worry, there is a solution for this: first, register your Anonymous or Unknown contact in your Gmail account using your computer and then, you can save it with an unknown number.

Synchronize your Huawei to block anonymous calls

Once you have saved the number in the Gmail account using your computer, you will need to synchronize your Huawei. A new contact will appear on your phone (the one you have created from your computer). Now you can block it easily using the menu that appears on your Huawei contact card. This way you will have blocked unknown or anonymous numbers, and you will not receive unwanted calls. The prerequisite to use this method is to have a Gmail account. You can use the one you used to create the Android profile of your Huawei or if you prefer, you can create a new one from Gmail.

Use a third-party application to block anonymous calls

Another solution, simpler than before and that is to add a new application to your menu, download an application which aims to block calls from unknown numbers. To do this, you must go to Play Store Huawei and write something like block calls from unknown numbers. You will find many applications that can help you do this. Read carefully the comments left by other users for each of those applications. A widely used and easy to find application is YouMail. This application will allow you to do this very simply and effectively. And also it has online help tutorials that explain how to use the Huawei.

The firewall or firewall in the Huawei

Some applications, called firewalls or firewall, allow you to receive calls only from your contact list. These firewalls or firewalls can be an excellent solution to block anonymous calls. And in addition, you can also configure these applications to stop receiving unwanted calls. Thus, you will not receive any calls from unknown or anonymous numbers.

Conclusion about the blocking of anonymous calls in the Huawei Mate 9 Pro

We have seen two different methods to block anonymous calls on the Huawei. As you can not use the traditional method of saving the number to block it later, we recommend that you follow the steps described above and use your Gmail account or a third-party application to block them. Finally, do not hesitate to consult a Huawei expert if you can not block calls or messages from unknown numbers. We hope that this tutorial has been useful to solve those small problems that you had with your smartphone.

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